Safety & Sustainability

We as a Organization embrace the push for safety & sustainability

People appreciate businesses that are doing good for their community and their environment. This is especially true of the younger generation – millennials and other young adults. Consumers are more likely to approach a company that practices sustainable habits. Employees and investors have the same thought process to take part in something that promotes positive change.

In mapping out sustainable we adapt clear analysis And for this we do have a total approach than a patch work point system or a grade based certification system. In order to have a comprehensive plan for sustainable construction, every structure may be thought about based on the following parameters:
• Planning, design and specifications based on performance and service life
• Construction Practices
• Material Conservation and Selection
• Demolition and recycling
• Energy Conservation

In Skylark where safety is daily focus Safety and sustainability are also connected because of the type of culture they inspire in the workplace: one of awareness and accountability. They are both ways to engage employees to think about what they do every day, how they do it, and the ways in which they can improve. We believe in continuous improvement. Reinforcing the importance of safety and sustainability ensures that employees think about it every day. An organization can’t be fully safe without also protecting the environment in which their workers do their jobs. That directly affects the environment workers and the community lives in. Drawing that correlation really helps motivate sustainable change.